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Zalto White Wine Glass – Pack of 2

£99.75 inc. VAT

What do Michael Caine, Elton John, Eric Morcombe and fine wine have in common? Their performance can be enhanced by their glasses. And when it comes to quality wine there is no better glass than the Zalto. Found in the world’s finest restaurants and wine tasting events, this elegant and stylish glass enhances the wine tasting experience like no other. Non lead crystal and hand blown, these glasses are a great to gift to any wine lover.

Once you’ve used a Zalto glass it’s hard to go back as you are captivated by its angular elegance and, more importantly, how the aroma of the wine is more intense and pronounced. They also bring a whole new drama to the task of washing up.

This white wine design is superb for Rieslings and aromatic northern Italian whites.

These Zalto white wine glasses are sold in pairs at £99 per box including delivery.

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