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2021 Ilercavonia Garnacha Blanca, DO Terra Alta, Altavins

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A super fresh and aromatic Garnacha Blanca from one of the Terra Blanca’s most exciting producers.

Terra Alta is a striking landscape full of hills and valleys and plateaus teeming with vines. Rainfall is low and there is plenty of sun here but there are winds coming from both the Mediterranean and inland which helps keep the vineyards cool at night. 1/3 of the Garnacha Blanca in the world is grown in Terra Alta.

The Altavins winery was founded in 2001 with a real emphasis on the terroir and history. It’s original production was just 4,000 bottles but now stands at 25,000. The grapes picked at optimum ripeness to ensure they have the perfect balance of fruit for flavour and character and acidity for freshness.

The winery was a pioneer in the region of using the cold maceration technique. Before pressing, grapes are cooled in tank and as tank naturally warms up the skins add flavour to the juice. 24 hours later the grapes are pressed with pneumatic and juice flows back to tank.

Before the end of fermentation 25% of the must is transferred to 300l oak barrels and after fermentation all the wine is aged for 6 months on its lees.

This is a superb example of how delicious Garnacha Blanca can taste. There are initial aromas of apple pear and pineapple but with more time breathing flavours of apricot and mango become apparent. Fresh and fruity on the palate with a lovely zesty and mineral finish.



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