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Afternoon Vino Vultures,

Is it getting warmer? It’s so difficult to decide what to wear, let alone what to drink at the moment as once that sun says cheerio the North Downs become more like the North Pole. Last night, in a moment of madness, I decided to light the barbecue about an hour before the sun disappeared behind the white cliffs and was soon swiftly adding layers to my attire like there was no tomorrow. I’m delighted to say the mackerel tasted delicious with a glass of spritzy Vinho Verde (more of which below) and the central heating substituted the warmth of the Mediterranean splendidly as we sensibly sat round the kitchen table to enjoy the spoils. By 8pm I had warmed up enough to remove one of my sweaters. Anyway, let’s talk wine…

Louro Last Orders

I was reminded this week of a documentary I’d seen on the early days of The Beatles. It featured an interview with a fan from Liverpool who had followed them during their Cavern days.  She was rueful of the band’s new found national popularity and that she had lost the Fab Four to a much wider audience. Now I’m not suggesting Rafael Palacios will go as far as to head to Shimla in northern India to join a descendent of the Marharishi Yogi at any point soon, but this week I did get a timely reminder of his wines becoming ‘pick of the pops’ as I was informed by the UK importer that the remainder of the 2019 Louro Godello has been put on strict allocation. This is due to an increased demand for the wine and a low yielding 2020 harvest reducing the supply of that vintage. This means there is no more of the 2019 to allocate to all of you until the 2020 arrives in late May.  At the time of writing, magnums of the 2019 are still readily available.

I feel that this is the end of an era with this glorious Godello and that I will no longer be able to supply it all year round. For all you fans of this wonderful wine I suggest that purchasing it on release is the best way to ensure you have the option to crack open a bottle at any time of the year.

A Verde Good Value White

Let’s head a couple of hundred miles west and over the border to Portugal and a small town on the bank of the river Limia called Ponte de Lima. It takes its name from a long medieval bridge that crosses the river and is home to a wine cooperative that just may well produce the best sub £10 Vinho Verdes you can find. Now it may have a label that wouldn’t look out of place in an 1980s episode from a Keith Floyd series but what is in the bottle is far from ‘old school’. It’s as dry as a bone with a lovely little spritz as you pour it in the glass and is light but vibrant and full of green fruit flavours. It’s just as at home in a tumbler as it is in a fancy wine glass so is the ultimate ‘barbecue on the beach’ white wine. Its 11.5% volume makes it even more quaffable. I’ve seen this wine priced at £9.25 a bottle on the web but it is available here at £49.50 per case (£8.25 a bottle). This case offer is slightly cheaper than the website price please email me direct to benefit.

2019 Vinho Verde Loureiro, Ponte de Lima, Portugal @ £49.50 per case (6 bottles)

“Fresh and bright with a little touch of spritz, this has summer fun written all over it. Full of green apple, pear and peach it has a depth of fruit not usually found with Vinho Verde at the price point. Not overly complex but that’s not what wine like this is about – it just has a perfect balance of fruit and fresh zestiness. If you close your eyes whilst glugging this with a plate of grilled sardines you could be in the Algarve.” JW

 Catch This if You Chianti

Casuccio Tarletti is the estate in Chianti Classico owned by Bruna Baroncini, the producer of the outstanding value ‘baby’ Super Tuscan, OSA Maremma. The winery sits on the hills overlooking Sienna and offers a soft and elegant style of Chianti Classico. Regular readers of this newsletter will be aware of the prestige of the 2016 vintage around Tuscany and Casuccio Tarletti produced a delicious wine this year following on from their equally wonderful 2015.

Due to 5 months of no activity in the on-trade I have found myself having an overstock of about 10 cases of this wine and if you would reap the benefit of this by saving yourself almost £20 on a box then ping me an email back ASAP

2016 Chianti Classico, Casuccio Tarletti, Tuscany @ £70 per case (6 bottles) – 10 cases only

“Ripe black cherry, plum with a little rose petal then hints of cinnamon, clove and vanilla. After a while it gains more body and structure which balances beautifully with the ripe tannins and fresh finish. More forward than many 2016s and perfect to drink now whilst you wait for them to mature.” JW                                                                                                                                                                                

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